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Our home delivery offers you choice of our seasonal vegetables from the list opposite or our farm selected box.

Our boxes are 7.00, 10.00 and  15.00

Orders selected from the list opposite: minimum order 7.00 + 1.00 delivery



To order your vegetable delivery please send an email or telephone us on the number below:            

Telephone 07970296153

Product list for Week beginning 04/12/2018




Potatoes   1.00 per kg



1.50 per kg

Parsnips   2.00 per kg



2.00 per kg

Calabrese Tender stem 1.20 portion
Cabbage Savoy 1.50 each
Cabbage Red 1.50 each
Cabbage Round 1.50 each
Sprouts 500gms 2.00
Sprout Tops    80p each
Romanesque Cauliflower 1.50 each
Leeks   2.50 kg
Tomatoes   3.50 kg
Rocket Wild 1.50 each
Salad Pack   1.50 each
Garlic Bulb 0.60 each
Squash Butter nut
or red onion
1.80 each
Peppers Red & Green 1.00
Kale 0.25kg 1.25
Chard packet 2.00 each
Celery   2.00 each
Mushrooms Brown 4.50/kg
Apples Bramley 2.50 kg
Eggs   2.00 Per 1/2 Doz